Intern Denturist

Kevin Choi is an intern denturist who graduated with a denturist diploma from CDI College in 2017.  He was a class valedictorian for outstanding academic achievement in denturism studies. Prior to finding  out his passion in denturism, he studied the Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology program for
3 years at Simon Fraser University to become a chiropractor. He is also fluent in both Korean and English.

Kevin is a highly motivated individual who enjoys the detail and customizing aspects involved in fabricating dentures. He loves to bring joy to patients by constructing comfortable, proper fitting, and well- functioning dentures. As a mentee under Alex's wing, Kevin is not only learning how to become the best practitioner but also to apply perfection & finesse to every denture he makes to deliver high quality products.


A pair of ill-fitting dentures is more than just uncomfortable, it can lead to serious oral and dental health issues. Alex Hupka is a registered denturist (RD) and a registered dental technician (RDT) that has been serving patients for almost 40 years. Based in Richmond and serving patients across the Lower Mainland at our clinic, we create customized full and partial dentures, hidden wire dentures, stabilized lower dentures and precision attachments that will fit perfectly and feel great. We can also repair your dentures at our facility while you wait.

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